“Dixitque Foolsage, ‘Fiat blog!’ Et facta est blog.”

Well, that’s a suitably pretentious and self-conscious way to start.  I’m not sure if I’m satisfied yet though.  Perhaps something a bit more in media res?  Ok, ok, second try.

“I’ve been reading blogs for years now, some more assiduously than others; so it was reasonable enough for me to agree when my wife gently pressed the carving knife to my throat and sweetly suggested I consider starting my own blog.”

Yes, I think that’s captured more of the flavour I was going for.

This’ll be a place for me to ramble about my interests.  I’ll talk about games and game theory, and game design, and game playing, and, well, things involving how games are made and enjoyed in general.  I’ll also from time to time share thoughts on media I’ve consumed (books, films, TV shows, webcomics, et alia) as well as news in general that interests me.  There’s a good chance of some digressions on topics like language/linguistics, sociology, and ethics.

On the one hand, I recognize that most popular blogs remain fairly focussed.  On the other hand, my interests are fairly diverse and often dovetail into each other, so in the interests of experimentation, I’ll mash everything together.  We’ll see how it works.

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