Disney plagiarizes… itself?


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  1. Tesh on

    Heh, I noticed that years ago as a kid. I thought it was kind of silly, but then I started digging into how much work it is to actually *do* animation, and was considerably more forgiving.

  2. smakendahed on

    Wow. I’ve never noticed that before. That’s pretty incredible. Makes sense. A lot of those dances meet what people looking for that sort of thing want to see and a lot of the slapstick humor is the same from movie to movie.

    Pretty neat.

  3. Tesh on

    A couple more notes: Phil Harris did the voice on both Baloo and Little John, so it’s not just some animations they share. (He also did O’Malley in The Aristocats.) It really can be weird watching Jungle Book and Robin Hood sequentially.

    Also, the dancing animations at least are likely rotoscoped. That takes a lot of time and money to nail down, but since it’s rooted in filming real people, it looks really lifelike compared to freehand animation. That’s valuable if you’re trying to sell the lifelike aspect of your characters. They likely worked from the same rotoscope plates if that’s the case, which is smart usage of assets. Repetitive, yes, but economical. 🙂

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