It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

I checked out Legends of Zork today and found it to be rather fun.  It’s an online turn-based browser game with a good sense of humour, based on the famous Zork IP from Infocom.  You create a character who’s recently been fired by FrobozzCo International’s sales team, and you start out by the White House made famous in that eponymous seminal text game.  Actions are limited to 30 things per day, so I created a few characters and mucked about to get a feel for the game and the world.  For a light, amusing turn-based game that’s fun to play at work, it’s a good fit.  It’s best suited to small bursts of activity, and the 30 actions per day limit encourages either playing a few alts, or, I dunno, maybe working.  No, that’s crazy talk.

So far the equipment my characters have found has all been sold for cash immediately upon my return to the White House, which serves as a base (safe place where you heal to full immediately, and where you can train, buy equipment, etc).  The weapons and armor for sale are amusingly Zork-ish, including pen knives and frying pans.

An interesting mechanic is the inclusion of Double Fanucci cards… these are a rather huge assortment of different cards, which are found on the corpses of slain enemies; of my 4 characters, one has one card and 3 have 2 cards.  The cards can be used to gain bonuses to attack, defense, and perhaps other things… it’s all very mysterious, and the FAQ tells us, “The game itself is so complex that not even its greatest players can fully explain the rules.”  One of my characters has two cards that don’t work well together (their combined effect is less than the effect of one of the cards alone) but the other two who have multiple cards find benefit from playing both cards.  It’s an amusing diversion, anyhow.


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