Ten Questions

1.  What is your current main character’s name (or names, if you play multiple games)?  Explain how you chose the name.

I don’t play an MMO right now.  I dabbled in AoC and WAR but never really felt immersed in the experience.  The last MMO that I played “seriously” was LotRO, and I had rather a lot of characters there, as I typically do.  This complicates things a bit; e.g. in LotRO I had 4 lvl 50s (yeah, I know, I know) and 3 more characters lvl 35+… and this was when there were only 7 character classes.  * coughs *  Where was I?  Right, I guess my main there was a Champion named Torang; he was a dwarf and I chose a dwarfish-sounding name using the phonetics Tolkien adhered to (mostly two syllables, Norse/Germanic sounding).

2.  What was the name of your very first character in an MMO?  Explain how you chose that name.

My first MMO character was a woodelf bard in EQ named Aloro Silvertongue.  I chose the name Alorolindulaë as sounding properly elvish, but the character’s visible name was Aloro since that’s easier to type.  I tend to favor short, easy names to facilitate chatting… or if my character has a longer name, I pick a nickname for them (since somebody’s going to, it might as well be me).

3.  Have you kept a specific name through various games, or do you tend to change your naming habits based on the individual game?

All of my characters have different names in every game I play.  I’ve only re-used a name once, and that was because my ex really liked that previous character and she re-used her character’s name from the previous game with the intent our characters would play together.

4.  Do you ever reserve names, planning to use them for characters that you might play later?  If so, what are they and why do you hold on to them?

Nope!  I don’t have any trouble coming up with names, and don’t worry about what’s taken.  I make something up to fit the new character each time, with the one exception as above.

5.  Of the three common archetypes in MMOs — tank, healer, DPS — which is your current main character?

I’m an anomaly… I play more or less everything.  I suppose I play more healers and support classes than anything else overall, but it’s not a clear preference by any means, and will vary by game.  My main in LotRO was DPS, though the first character I made in beta and the first character I made post-launch were both Minstrels (healer).

6.  What archetype was your very first character in an MMO?  Why did you choose it?

The bard I played in EQ was a healer with a touch of DPS.  I chose it because I wanted to roleplay being a bard.  I’d take that character and sit in cities and “sing” songs (old songs and poems, nothing remotely modern) for hours, asking for tips.  I really enjoyed that and did it again in DAoC.

7.  Are you usually attracted to one archetype over another, or do you play them equally?  Why?

Other than liking to roleplay minstrels, I tend to play characters pretty equally.  I like the diversity of experiencing content in different ways, and like to have multiple options when playing with friends.  E.g. if my friend has a DPS character, I might bring out a healer to support, or vice versa.

8.  What is your favorite feature from an MMO you no longer play?

Hmm, that’s a tough one.  I think CoH had three things that it did incredibly well, all of which deserve mention.  First, the costume customization was simply amazing… it was entirely cosmetic and there were such a wide range of options that I spent a lot of time and money (in character) tweaking costumes.  Great fun.  Second, the travel in that game was a great deal of fun in and of itself… whether superspeeding, flying, jumping, or teleporting, I enjoyed just moving around, which is unusual.  Third, the new Mission Architect system sounds amazing… I haven’t used it myself since I stopped playing some time ago but it’s definitely intriguing.

9.  Is there an MMO that you would play if it was free?  Which and why?

Hrm.  If it were free I might play LotRO again, since there’s a new expansion and thus content I haven’t seen.  I’m mostly interested to see the next batch of MMOs though – SW:tOR, Star Trek, Champions Online, DCU Online, etc.

10.  How do you measure the success of a character in an MMO (total kills, titles accumulated, wealth, rare items collected, level reached, etc.)?

I think it depends a bit on the game.  Sometimes my measurement of success is basically social (how many people know/like the character), and sometimes it’s more achievement oriented (what level, mostly).  I don’t much care about items and wealth honestly.


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