Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes

So I’ve moved back from Oz to California, then went to Puerto Vallarta for my friend’s wedding, which has meant I’ve had very little time of late for blogs and such things.  This ought to change as I get settled down.

PV was lovely; a little strange though.  EVERYONE’s hustling all the time it seems, and every time I went into town I was accosted by (at a rough estimate) a third of the total population of the city, offering me deals on all sorts of goods and services in which I generally wasn’t interested.  Highlights included riding on a 6 peso bus (roughly 50 cents), crowded to overflowing with locals, and a 3-piece mariachi band who stood in the aisles and played.  Wacky fun.

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  1. Tyger on

    Welcome home! 🙂

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